Definition of CASE STUDY:

  1. study of situation: an analysis of a particular case or situation used as a basis for drawing conclusions in similar situations

  2. record of treatment: a record of somebody’s problems and how they were dealt with, especially by a doctor or social worker

Well – with that in mind – we are using this as an internal learning tool. Hoping that through the investigation of design thoughts, uses of materials, construction techniques and lots of HANDS ON LABOR – that we’ll learn some important lessons that will be carried through all the work we do at MAKE.

2,500+/- Design Build Custom Single Family Residence
3 bedrooms + 3 full baths
Unfinished basement
2 Car Garage

Case Study House #1 is a custom Single Family Residence in Herndon, VA. We are designing and building this for our family of 7 (Andrew, Robyn + 5 kids). The goal is to keep the TOTAL PROJECT BUDGET under $500,000, which includes EVERYTHING: the purchase of the land (ridiculous in Northern VA), Design, Permitting, Clearing, Excavation, Septic system, Materials, labor, etc… With that in mind, we are working to keep the construction budget to around $100/sf. This means a few things. 1. Some trade-offs on materials, 2. Some serious hands on labor to build in that SWEAT EQUITY 3. Efficient layout for “easier” construction 4. Obviously doing the designing ourselves – but that also included the VERY annoying trips to the county for permits (add in there: to the VA Dept of Transportation for permits as well! Put us in a 2 month delay).


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August 8, 2014

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