With everything going on in our lives – it becomes way too easy to forget all of the steps it took to get us to where we are. So, with that in mind…and to help us LEARN from our mistakes and challenges along the way…we’re going to try and make this an open forum of our process.

This blog for the next few months will specifically highlight the Design + Build process of what we’re calling for now – our CASE STUDY HOUSE #1. Figured the name was a good match after reading about the 1940-60’s Case Study Houses that were built in California. The program came about from a desire of several Up and Coming architects during WWII to challenge the way houses were designed and built at the time. In the 1945 announcement of the program in the Arts & Architecture magazine it read:

“It is important that the best material available be used in the best possible way in order to arrive at a ‘good’ solution of each problem, which in the overall program will be general enough to be of practical assistance to the average American in search of a home in which he can afford to live.”

Ironically several of the houses were built up in Bel Air/Brentwood outside L.A. – might be a bit beyond the means of the “average american”! But, I would say Robyn and I are fairly average americans, looking to build our house in the best possible way, not just for our family, but for the future as well.

Several of the Case Study Houses are still standing and are amazing examples of modern residential architecture. This site has a great list with links to the published articles about most of the houses. ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE – even just browsing the architectural graphic styles is great!
CSH_01  CSH_03  CSH_02

The advertising in these is great too! Not sure how Energy Efficient this unit would be in our house!