Another good productive week at our place.  Day One of siding had a pretty serious learning curve associated with it!  Between figuring out the “furring strips” (behind the big sheets of siding, we put strips of 1/2 ” pressure treated plywood to give the walls siding a gap to drain and breath, so water doesn’t get trapped.) and figuring out some pretty complex geometry to miter the corners with the horizontal lap siding, there were some frustrating moments!  But we all pulled through!  Big thanks to Rebecca and Curtis for their persistence to get it right!

The panels come primed, we’ll end up painting them, colors to be determined…but Robyn made the quick observation that, that is one of those tasks that can happen POST move-in!!

overall photo of the work accomplished this weekend


close-up of the lap siding with a mitered corner. typically you see a piece of trim on each side that the siding either butts up against or behind, making a quick and simple installation, but how boring! haha


Part of our weekend crew hard at work! We have some AMAZING friends! Ryan and Aaron, misson companions of mine, decided a 15 year anniversary trip should take place helping us build our house rather than relax in some exotic location! Can’t thank them enough!!


rented a lift to help get the heavy material up on the wall. Robyn’s making sure everything is going up nice and straight! Tough task with these unskilled day laborers we had!