Yesterday was one of those days where progress was made all over!  


  • Our excavator, Rusty, did our final grading and spread out our base gravel for our driveway
  • We passed our insulation and mechanical system inspections
  • We finished all of the final blocking and framing 
  • Finished running cableTV/Ethernet cables 
  • Septic company installed their electrical
  • AND the drywall company delivered and stocked each room with drywall, ready to be hung!

Panorama looking into future kitchen from family room

Loving the exponential progress when Robyn, the kids and I are not the laborers!  Haha!


panorama looking from kitchen to stairs and front entry

Drywall crew should be completely done and ready for the first coat of paint within 2 weeks.  They’re starting to hang it this morning.

packing up for the day, view of our new driveway