I figure with the sun now shinning and our temps up above 70 everyday now…it’s a beautiful time for a project update.

Photo looking up from the front entry, Oliver, Isabel and Sawyer hanging out office window:   
Unfortunately the winter slowed our progress significantly.  I read somewhere that it was one of the 3 coldest winters ever in the area.  Not to mention all of the snow we got and the days out of school for the kids.

But now we’re feeling like things are finally starting to shape up!  The biggest hurdle was getting our major inspections passed!  Framing, plumbing, electrical, gas….all passed!   We had a very minor list of items to do, not even joking, but one of them was, you need square washers not round washers at the garage door wall plate!  (To give the inspector “some” credit, the Simpson strong tie detail for a garage door did show a square washer!  But, really!)  And then mostly just some minor fireblocking and adding protection plates we didn’t catch where wires or pipes are running close to the edge of the wall.  

Photo 1st floor – pre insulation: 

With those inspections cleared, we were able to get insulation.  Another lesson in GET MULTIPLE QUOTES!   First quote $12,000, 2nd quote $5,000.  And the 2nd quote included upgraded insulation from r19 to r21, included the garage (which the first did not) and they sound proofed the master bedroom/bath and the laundry room!   

With the insulation in, the house is really starting to feel real!  

We have about a half days list of things to do before we’re ready for drywall, assuming our insulation inspection passes with flying colors tomorrow!  Again, amazing how different quotes can be….$22,000 vs $10,000!  We’ll take $10!

One of our upcoming challenges now is picking all of our finishes that we’ve been putting on hold.  Flooring especially!  If we get drywall started this week, they’ll be done next week, and we can start laying flooring!

Slow and steady progress!  Hopefully will become much faster as the weather warms up for us!