We’re starting to see some real progress moving along! So much so, that a neighbor stopped by while I was working the other day and said…”Oh, now I get it!”… Little do they know… They still have no idea what it will look like!

The exterior wall construction will be 2×6 studs with 10 foot ceilings on both the 1st and 2nd floors. We’ll be able to pack a lot of insulation in those walls! We’ve currently got the first floor fully framed out, and it’s great to see the window openings for the first time and get a sense of what our views will be and what the first floor will feel like.

We’ve been slowed up a bit with the rain… But I did get a good day in with my bday present last week… A framing nail gun! Not sure how anyone built a house with just a hammer!
Nail gun

And a few more progress photos:
Break with Isabel


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