Fairfax County seal

This house has definitely been a learning experience already.  The permit process has been a major eye opener!  Here’s the approx. timeline of how it played out:

  • 2/20 – began septic permit approval by the Health Dept. (we had to have the official approval before we could begin our building permit.)
  • 4/18 – septic approved….YES 2 full months!
  • 4/24 – site/grading plan permit submitted to the county
  • 5/16 – submitted building plans for permit
  • 6/06 – VDOT permit submitted (Yes – somehow our little cul-de-sac is STATE road and requires a permit to make a street cut for the water and new driveway – PLUS a $10,000 bond in case we mess something up!)
  • 7/23 – VDOT permit approved
  • 7/25 – site/grading plan approved – 3 FULL MONTHS!
  • 7/31 – Building Permit APPROVED!

TOTAL TIME = 5 months 11 days!!  Totally ridiculous.  I’m sure there were things – like the VDOT permit that we should have started long before we did – that could have been happening at the same time as the other county reviews….lesson learned.  And also knowing that EVERYTHING has to be approved – VDOT/Site/grading/Septic before the Building plan review will issue the permit.  So, turn in the building plans when they’re ready – receive your comments – and then wait to re-submit until you have all of the additional approvals.  The turn around after resubmitting was VERY fast – 2-3 days.

And this is what we get after all that…..