Schematic Design is the chance to establish the general scope, conceptual design, scale and relationships among the various pieces of the project. The primary objective is to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept while exploring the most promising alternative design solutions.

Site Plan

The above sketch shows a few of the parameters that we needed to design around – which eventually dictated where the house would be located and helped orient several things.  The great views are definitely to the North where the forest is and the large field.  The septic system is a major piece of the property, mainly because you have to plan for 2 full drain fields in case (or WHEN) something happens and you have to switch to the “reserve” field.  In our case that’s in the South/East corner of the site.  We also love that we can orient the house to the South, the final layout is shifted a little off due South like in the sketch…but, we’re still close enough.

Searsmont Plan

The above sketch is almost exactly how the final 1st floor plan turned out.

The goal was to stay within 2500sf of FINISHED space – for us that didn’t include the unfinished basement or the 2 car garage.  And I think this meets most of our goals of an open 1st floor, a good size kitchen that connects to the rest of  the space, and a good size mudroom/pantry.

Below is a quick sketch based on the sketchup model and the above schematic design floor plan.

Searsmont Perspective

Again going back to the idea of this being a CASE STUDY HOUSE.  We’re really excited to see what we end up liking and wanting to change in v 2.0 of this house!  Everything from layout, window placement, material selections, lighting, etc…we’re excited for all that we’ll learn from this first study.