Part of our contract on the land gave us a 15 day “STUDY” period. Allowed us to look into things like the septic system, make sure we had a correct survey, check on things like the HOA restrictions (which luckily there aren’t any!), etc…It also gave us some time to start thinking about what could fit nicely on the site – based both on our BUDGET and the layout of the site.

We began with some initial concept studies…we had a little more freedom this time vs the super restricted Vienna lot, so we played with several things:

  • SIZE:  Mostly based on our budget, we set our limit at 2,500sf of “finished” space.  We also have never wanted a HUGE house – too many rooms to keep clean!
  • ORIENTATION: being able to rotate the house and have the long axis E/W so our front was “mostly” facing south…(we’re off by 10-15 degrees – but close enough!).  Being in the back of the Cul-de-sac also helps us to not feel like we need to be in line with the rest of the neighborhood!
  • SETBACKS:  The lot is fairly large, but when you bring in the septic system (again a HUGE pain) and it’s setbacks, and wanting to sit back from the street a bit, etc…it starts defining your footprint a little bit

Here are a few images from this 1st Round:

Things that are working for us:

  • like the orientation
  • easily fit the scale of house we’re working toward
  • like the 16′ module to efficiently layout

Things not working yet

  • Floor plan on the angled plan made it tough to layout – especially given our size restraint – need to use every foot!
  • Doesn’t feel as open as we’d like
  • don’t like the set back front door entry
  • too much going on – roof lines/etc…