The Makers…

Andrew Bywater

Chief Maker
Dad, Archiect, Designer, Builder, Photographer…Geek.

  • Design & Graphics 95% 95%
  • Building 60% 60%
  • All things DIGITAL 75% 75%

Steve Loveless

Chief Maker
Amazing all around architect, in all sense of the title.

  • Builder 100% 100%
  • Designer 95% 95%
  • Juggler 50% 50%

Robyn Bywater

Interior Maker
Interior Designer by training, Maker by passion.

  • Interior Design 95% 95%
  • Maker 75% 75%
  • Wonder Woman 100% 100%

Timely Work

We all know timing is crucial for a successful project. We work hard to keep you informed throughout the entire project so everyone can work together.

Innovative Ideas

We constantly look out for new ideas to incorporate into our next (and CURRENT) projects. If you have an idea in mind…hopefully we can take it even further!

Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology to design and build our projects. Through advanced 3d modeling and construction techniques, we can help you make informed decision in every step of the project.

Clear Communication

We strive to be open in all aspects of the project. Open communication during the project scope phase through the last details, allows us to stay on time and on budget.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

Current Work – update 12/2017

I keep meaning to update some of the work we've done, are doing, etc...and figure with a successful final inspection, marks a good time to add SOMETHING. Here's a small addition and opening of a kitchen to create a great space for both small and LARGE gatherings. Love...

SEASONS GREETINGS! Bywater’s 2015 Christmas Video

SEASONS GREETINGS! Bywater’s 2015 Christmas Video

Our family loves to stretch the HOLIDAY SEASON as long as, a delayed release of our 2015 family video, helped keep the Christmas cheer for a couple extra weeks! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY AND HAVE A GREAT 2016! Love the BYWATER'S...

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